Best Toys for 1 Month Old Babies

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Parents please check below for the information on one month old baby development. To begin with, here is the list of 21 appropriate toys for 1 month old babies:


1. Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym

Baby Einstein toys for 1 month oldsWhat is it in this toy that will benefit you and your kid? 1. Varieties of toy; a caterpillar, plush dog chime, ring rattle, frog rattle, leaf shaped water filled teether, safe mirror, bead chaser and soft play mat. 2. A classical music that gives pleasant sounds, dancing lights and discovery cards with real life imagery that engages kids in various developmental activities. This one-month-old baby toy will greatly enhance your kid’s developmental skills.

2. Mary Meyer Puffer Bellies, Pokey Belly Turtle

1-month-old baby girl toysWhat features do you expect from a cute soft 7″ plush toy other than its soft, chubby, bright colors and irresistible qualities that make it presentable to one month old baby boys and girls as a gift? Built from new materials -polyester fibers and plastic pellets, it is easy to wash and clean.

3. Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer, Rainforest Friends

One-month-old baby developmentThis is a fun with ease babies’ item. The Deluxe Bouncer Rainforest Friends is an adventure for little ones featuring interesting and enjoyable companies such as light-up waterfall, removable friendly animal toys and calming 12 musical songs and sounds. It’s quite fascinating and comforting! At the other end is the cushy seat, soft head support and calming vibrations soothe. Good quality materials and can be washed easily with machines. The beautiful colors are gender neutral.

4. Manhattan Toy Skwish Natural Rattle and Teether Grasping Activity Toy

Developmental toys for 1-month-old infantsThis a product from the award winning company and the favorite of both parents and babies. It is not just any kind of fun catching the 1 month old baby toy, but one that enhances and improves the gross motor skills of small babies. Built into an interconnecting geometrical shape from lightweight wooden dowels, it has elastic ties and natural finish. With the mode it returns back to its original shape after swishing, babies can enjoy and watch the process. Adults even get curious!

5. Bright Starts Petal Pusher Carrier Toy Bar

Good toys for 1 month old baby boyYellow and pink colored flower together with bright lights, a mirror and six cool melodies is the perfect suitable toy to keep your princess or prince smiling all day long. In the fun league are also dragonfly with crinkle wings, dangling caterpillar and a bug shaped handle to captivate babies to activate musical tunes. It enhances developmental skills in little kids when trying to play and activate music by themselves when they get a bit older.

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6. Ashes Wolf 8″ By Douglas Cuddle Toys

Toys for 1-month-old infants and newborns

Ashes Wolf brings a cool forest animal closer to wolf lovers. The size, weight and body texture is cool making it a great gift product for both adults and kids alike. Although the legs are stationary, it stands well and looks real.

7. Tomy Lamaze Soft Chime Garden Musical Toy

Best toys for one month old babiesIf you are looking for a development aiding toy, this is the perfect one that strengthens the hand-eye coordination of little kids. The working mechanism plays a key in enhancing this coordination. Soft texture, ribbons, friendly smiling faces, light ups colorful flowers and 3 musical modes all made up the essentials that encourage two-handed play and provide babies with multi-sensory fun.

8. Manhattan Toy Winner-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile for Cribs (new)

Appropriate gifts for 1 mnth old kidsThis item is a development stimulant and a perfect mobile toy for 1-month-old newborns. It comes with 10 interchangeable cards of contrast images, colors, patterns and graphics perfect to stimulate early visual development in babies as they grow. The hanging card is easily adjusted for ease change of cards distance from the baby as his/her vision develops. What a simple yet well-equipped mobile toy essential for visual and multi-sensory development!

9. Melissa and Doug Soft Activity Book – Whose Feets

Best learning toys for 1 month old childrenThis is learning with fun for one-month-old babies and above. The book contains funny and educative stories and simple texts that stimulate conversation with little kids. It is made from high quality and durable materials that are safe.

10. Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym

Educational toys for 1 month old childA product that offers diverse experiences; rainforest experience with the bright lights, pleasant sounds and great games. Comfort experience with colorful design, bright colors and soft texture. Gym experience with the wonderful cushy, jingly and cute creatures that entice newborn babies to always spin and bat. Other features include a shiny mirror, spinning butterflies and a crinkle leaf.

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11. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy

Good toys for one month oldComing from a teethable plastic loop, Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy is a safe, soft maze of continuous tubes which a baby can chew on. Constructed in a way that is appealing to babies between ages 0-2 years. It can be played with any time, any day.

12. Tiny Love Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile

Reviewing toys for one month old babyOne of the attractive features of this mobile toy for on month old infants is its unique and well-designed musical box that offers babies a choice of different continuous melodies ranging from jazz, classical, lullabies, world music to nature sounds. The box is mounted with night lights which provide bright colors that synch and change with as the tunes sound. This developmental 1-month-old baby toy is convertible for easy mobility for newborn children. Every feature is fascinating and easily will lull your beautiful baby to sleep. Also good for parents who don’t have sweet voice to sing babies to sleep!

13. Fisher-Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse

Happy fun products for infantsThe toy is a beautiful to behold for babies. It appears in a friendly and cool design. The little 10″ creature plays different lullabies and soothing ocean sounds when gently squeezed. Good to lull baby to sleep. The texture is soft and it comes with two AA batteries.

14. Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool (34 in x 10 in)

Bathing toys for infant babiesA nice swimming pool substitute for kids. It can be used in homes and also at beaches for little children to play in, relax and enjoy. Its features are three colorful inflatable rings and a safe soft inflatable floor. Perfect for balconies, beach and concrete usage. It can hold up to 22 gallons of water.

15. Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym

Top rated gifts for one mnth old boys girlsThe gym is loaded with lots of features well enough to engage any baby in developmental activities. Multiple fabrics, multi-sensory toys altogether gives comfort and provide developmental tasks to babies.

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16. Fisher-Price Musical Mobile, Rainforest Peek-A-Boo Leaves

Travel toys for little childrenThe easy convertible mobile toy features a tree-like structure design that easily convert to mobile toy easy to move around. It motions while playing soothing musical sounds that synch with bright night lights. A cool remote control to activate music.

17. Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym

Recommended toys for 1 month old newbornsMaybe it’s too early to let a baby know what a zoo is like at this stage. However, the one-month-old baby will definitely be very happy if placed on a Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym with lots of animals around to watch. Apart from the zoo like sensation, the gym is matted with soft linen that has playful patterns on it and ABC labelled tummy time pillow for comfort feeling and skills development.

18. Vtech Learn and Discover Driver

Fun activities for one month old

Learning to drive and learning to obey traffic rules can begin at such an early stage of life by presenting this wonderful gift to your princes and princesses and they are on the path to drive their future car.
Vtech Learn and Discover Driver features a 3D pattern driver, steering wheel, horn and other driving essential tools in a car. The toy has lights and sounds, melodies, fun phrases that will fascinate a baby to learn and play.

19. Tiny Love Pack n Go Mini Mobile

Interactive toys for 1 month old babiesThe Pack n Go Mini Mobile is a great toy built to entertain baby during a short and long distance travels. It has a bell-shaped wind chime that creates sweet sounds, bright colors and patterns that catches the baby’s attention. The claw attaches easily and firmly to gear. So worried not about it falling on your baby during batting. It folds up well for easy mobility.

20. Pillow Pets Dream Lites – Snuggly Puppy 11″

1-month-old toysA cute Pillow Pets Dream Lites – Snuggly Puppy 11″ can easily lull your baby to sleep. It has three soothing colors that make a wonderful starry sky just like being outside at night watching the beautiful sky but this is more interesting to little child. It will make a perfect Christmas gift for your baby.

21. Tiny Love Stroll, Princess Butterfly

Toys for 1 month oldTiny Love Stroll is a great item for all parents because it keep the babies calm and busy while they attend to other things. Multi-colored flower mirror, daisy propeller, transparent prism butterfly, flower ball with colorful beads and crinkly textured petals and an easy to grasp the teether handle are all wonderful features in the toy to make the newborn happy. The universal attaching clips and flexible adjustable arch enable the parents to creatively modify the item into other designs.

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How will my baby develop in the first month?

During this period, your baby shall begin to develop the strength to perform simple actions, such as holding her head up whilst you’re holding her upright. (For the sake of simplicity, let’s call your baby “she” or “her”). However, you should note that you still need to provide her head with support.

Additionally, your 1-month-old baby may begin to experiment with being expressive and you may notice her gurgle and coo when she sees you. It’s important that you respond positively to her attempts to communicate and she should blossom nicely.

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How is my baby developing her senses?

Despite being at such a young age, your baby is developing her awareness at a rapid rate and is quickly becoming sensitive to stimuli. Naturally, her hearing and vision are changing, allowing her to be more responsive to the environment. During this early period, it’s possible that you will observe different responses to various stimuli, such as pleasure towards a cute cuddly toy with bright colours, or shock when exposed to sudden noise.

This is completely natural and will continue to occur as her sensory awareness continues to mould. You may also notice a distinct response to hearing your voice or seeing your face, which is a sign that she is recognizing you as her parent.


At what stage will my baby lift her head up?

Before her neck muscles have had time to strengthen, her head needs as much support as possible, whilst allowing her room to occasionally attempt to support her own head up. For instance, when she is lying down on her back, she might try to lift her own head up for a short period, before returning to a comfortable position.

It’s possible that your baby will be able to lift her head, whilst lying on her tummy, and she may be able to turn her head from left to right. In her car seat, you may very occasionally notice her lift the head up if her neck is fully supported and there are special seats that come with a headrest to cater for this need.

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When can my baby hold a toy?

At this stage, if you were to offer your child a toy or something to hold, she may attempt to reach out for it, but will not be able to hold it or grasp it just yet. It’s common for children to keep a closed fist, even when they make physical contact with the item you’re offering them.

This is nothing to worry about, but it is simply because your child is learning how her body functions, and that she has arms and legs that work. You need to give her enough time to work out what she can do with her body parts, as well as master basic functions such as opening and closing her fists.

If you want to help your baby with opening and closing her hands, you can touch the palm of her hands gently and watch her fingers clasp around your finger. This is a spontaneous and instinctive response known as the “grasp reflex” and is most noticeable during the first two months of a child’s life.

If you want to encourage development of her awareness of her limbs and other body parts, you can play simple games such as “How big is the baby?” or even rehearse “This Little Piggy”, whilst touching and counting her toes.


In what ways will my baby express herself?

Already your one-month-old baby is developing her social skills and being more energetic in the presence of others. As aforementioned, you may hear your baby coo, gurgle, hum and grunt in order to get your attention and express her emotions.

It’s actually a very impressive set of expressions given the very short time she has been alive. Respond to these expressions by gurgling and cooing back, talking to her up-close and generally signal a response. Eventually, she will begin to hold eye contact for extended periods.

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It’s more than likely that you will hear your child making early squealing sounds, this is an early attempt to express herself phonetically and perhaps develop the necessary muscles in the mouth and face to learn how to speak. If you’re busy, it is a good idea to sing or talk to your child as you work, as she’ll delight in recognizing the sound of your voice, even if you’re in another part of the room.

In terms of recognition, your baby has developed the ability to distinguish you from others after being just a few days old, and it’s plausible that when this first month comes to an end, she may even try to demonstrate it. Around 50% of newborns are able to demonstrate that they can recognize their parental figures after their first month.

Put simply, they respond to “mummy” and “daddy” differently than complete strangers, or even those who they’ve seen once or twice. To show this, your baby may gaze into your eyes when she sees you, or stops making noise and looks at you quietly.

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Can my baby enjoy hearing music?

After around one month, your child will be awake more throughout the day, meaning that you can make the most of these times to stimulate and encourage her sensory growth. If you can play a musical instrument, you can try playing her a soft piece of music or even sing to her, nothing too loud, however, as this may startle her or cause her discomfort. Other ideas are to generate the sound of a clock ticking or wind chimes to make your baby smile.

As a general rule of thumb, you should attempt to expose your baby to a variety of different sounds, to further aid her natural sensory development. It may be interesting to note how your child responds differently to different pieces of music. If, for instance, your child responds positively to classical pieces of music, then this could show a genuine preference and you may begin to get an idea of her tastes.

If you notice that your 1-month-old child becomes uncomfortable or restless when listening to other pieces of music, this could indicate that she does not like the music and you should play something else.

How good is my baby’s vision?

By now, your baby has developed the ability to focus on objects with both her eyes and she can now track moving objects. Even a simple rattle will catch her attention when passed in front of her face. A game that you can play to observe her vision and ability to track moving objects is to lock eyes with her, bring your face close to hers and slowly moving your head from left to right whilst nodding. You may notice that her eyes stay locked onto yours.

Whilst there are many toys that are designed especially to help with developing your baby’s sight, you can achieve the same results with common household objects. For instance, you can slowly wave a piece of shiny tin foil in front of her face and advance to moving it in other directions, such as up and down. Typically, babies will not be able to track vertical movements smoothly until 3 months of age.


Will my baby develop normally?

It is a common concern of many parents, but rest assured that each and every single child is unique and will develop at different ages. Just be sure to encourage their physical milestones and allow them to develop at their own pace.

Rest assured, if your one-month-old baby isn’t able to lift her head, track movement smoothly or express herself with various noises, then she may just be developing at a slightly slower rate than most. It doesn’t mean that you need to panic or assume that there’s anything particularly wrong with your child.

However, if your child was born before 9 months/37 weeks of pregnancy (prematurely), then you’ll find that development occurs at a slower rate than most babies of their age. It is for this reason, babies that are prematurely born are assigned two different ages by their surgeons. The first age given is their “Chronological age” and this is calculated from your child’s date of birth. The second age given is their “Corrected age” and this is calculated based on your child’s “due date.”

With these factors in mind, if you have any concerns with regards to the development of your child, or if you simply want to put your mind to rest about the matter, make sure to contact your local doctor.

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